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"Ukuran muktamad bagi seorang insan bukan terletak pada bagaimana pendiriannya tatkala dia mengalami keadaan selesa dan mudah, tetapi pendiriannya ketika saat yang mencabar dan penuh kontroversi".

--(Martin Luther King, Jr.)--

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Safety Tip : What to do when your tyres blow out while driving

For those of us who often drive on the highways, the info in this
video clip can save you and your family from the mishaps of an
accident. Tyres blow out during high speed is very dangerous and the
pointer in this video on how to control your car at that moment is

Whether you are driving a Mercs or a Kancil, the effect is
the same, as shown in the Video.
If it happens to the back wheel, it's not so bad.

The warning is 'NEVER HIT YOUR BRAKES!'

Your immediate reaction would be to hit the brakes
hard.....and that would be the first cardinal mistake.

for video show...please click 'play' button
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